The most epic freestyle and best learning conditions

  • Stable & consistent wind
  • Warm water (board shorts!)
  • Mostly shallow


Our main spot is at the Kappalady lagoon, right on your rooms doorstep, and it’s the perfect spot for all abilities. Almost all of the lagoon is waist deep which makes it an ideal beginner spot, and due to the wind blowing over the beach, the water is butter flat for all you freestylers and flat water fanatics.

Only 50m across the beach from the lagoon is the Indian ocean, and during the summer season the reef, 100m or so offshore, provides really fun waves to play around in. We have a range of surfboards for rental if you want to try it for the first time and our instructors can always help you with tips and techniques for riding in the waves.

.If you fancy a change and want to go exploring for a day or two, we offer a wide range of kite safaris to other spots which you can read about on the safari page.

Two windy seasons!

Our main season runs from May through September and brings us steady south western trade winds with an average well above 20 knots throughout the day.

The 'winter' season runs from Christmas to February extending to the first days of March. Those days we get about 4/5 days of wind per week which comes up around 2pm.