• From beginner course to advanced lessons
  • Certified instructors
  • Constant laminar winds
  • Safe enclosed lagoon with wading depth
  • Well kept gear

Why Sri Lanka Kiteschool

If you’ve always wanted to experience the amazing rush that kitesurfing has to offer, Kappalady is a fantastic place to start your kitesurfing journey. Our excellent team of qualified instructors will guide you safely through the learning process adhering to the 'International Kiteboarding Organisation' (IKO) syllabus, so don’t be afraid if you’ve never flown a kite or set foot on a board, we’ll ensure you have a lot of fun and learn all the safety and techniques you need to become a proficient kitesurfer.

Our lagoon is one of the best spots in the world to learn, with consistent wind all through the season, and waist deep water meaning even if something goes wrong you are able to stand up and sort it out.

Our philosophy

We believe in setting you off right in learning your new passion. Our philosophy is that we teach you all the necessary safety skills and create a solid basis for you to learn on. After our full beginner course, you should be safe and ready to continue learning by yourself, or with an assistant watching you.

We don't believe in cheap thrills. Getting you on the board as fast as possible is not our main goal, but it's the result of careful progression steps so your learning curve will be fun and challenging at the same time. Making sure you will keep enjoying the sport for many years to come!

Beginner courses:

About the courses

During the main season we teach 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon. For full beginners we suggest doing the 3 day (12hrs) beginner course. People with previous experience in kiteboarding or very fast learners might be able to book a shorter course.

The 'Group 2x2' course is based on 2 students per instructor, each with a kite. The 'Bring a Friend' rate is based on 2 students per instructor with only 1 kite.


You can pre-book lessons through our inquiry form. We only pre-book the courses displayed in the form, and group lessons can only be pre-booked by two people. If you want to book private lessons for several people, make sure to add each course separately to your booking.

Recommended course

4 hours





Group 2x2




BaF 2x1

12 hours

8 hours

10 hours

4 hours

2 hours




Weekend Warrior - 2 Days Intensive


Discovery lesson
















**There are no hard and fast rules for how much or how little of the beginner course you will get through, our main objective is to make you safe enough that after a course you are capable of going out by yourself and practising your new hobby.
***P/p - Per Person
*BaF = "Bring a friend" rate (Student MUST arrange a friend to accompany - Cannot book unless 'Friend' is pre arranged)

Advanced lessons

Our private tuition options are for anyone looking to progress their riding after you are already riding upwind, whether you’re working on your turns, want to boost bigger, or trying your first handle passes we’ve got you covered!

Pay per Hour:

€50 excl. gear rental.

4 hours

(either 2x2hr or 4x1hr sessions):

€160 excl. gear rental.

Starting at: