Vella Island

Flat water paradise!


About 45 minutes boat ride North of Kalpitiya is Vella island, an insanely amazing flat water paradise with space for everyone to have their own spot if they liked. It’s a very isolated place with just a few fisherman for company. You can choose either to downwind to Vella from Dream spot in the morning, or if you’d prefer to save your energy a bit you can just ride in the boat and enjoy the flat water when you get there. It’s a nice easy downwinder, with the boat on hand it’s safe for anyone to give it a go and it’s a good experience for people who haven’t done any riding in the ocean because the chop doesn’t get too big.

Small groups:

For groups from 3-6 people we use the smaller fishing boat to bring you to Vella Island. If you prefer our big RIB boat, which is a lot more comfortable and spacious, we can try to combine your group, or work out a set price. Please contact us for info!

Large groups

Groups of 7-10 people can enjoy the luxury of our big and comfortable RIB boat. Which you'll definitely appreciate on our way back, against the wind and waves and will save you time, meaning more time kiting!



On request. ->

Duration / Time:

Daytrip or overnighter. Leave 8h return 18h


All levels

Whats included?

Day trip: Lunch on Vella island, Boat support, Coaching on request.

Overnighter: Lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch. Tents to sleep in.

Duration Small boat (3-6) Big boat (7-10) Lessons Rental
1 day €45,- €60,- (kk guests €55,-) See Kiteschool prices €60,-
2 days €90,- €110,- (kk guests €90,-) See kite school prices €100,-
What's the minimum amount of people for a kite safari?

There's a minimum of 2 people for the safari's. If you're a solo traveler we will do our best to find other guests that you can join!

What's the minimum riding level to join a kite safari?

All safari's are guided with a safety boat and an kite assistant, meaning that if you get into trouble, help is always at hand. However to avoid constant boat pickup's we expect you to be confident riding upwind. If you're still learning that, we suggest booking an instructor with your trip to get you riding upwind consistently in no time!

What do I need to bring on a kite safari?

We include the transport, food and drinks (water is free, softdrink/beer at extra) and also bring a first-aid box and kite pump. So what do you need to bring?

- Plenty of sunscreen
- Your kite gear (or rent from our school!)
- Smiles :D

I found a cheaper boat, why should I go with you?

We have the most comfortable and safest boat on the coast. Our RIB boat has twin engines and is extremely well maintained. There's a board rack and kite hangers to make sure you equipment doesn't get damaged and there's space to bring multiple sizes. And with the shade it provides, you have a nice place to chill in between your sessions. We also provide the transport to and from the boat, including lunch (rice and curry) snacks and drinks! So no hidden costs, just full service!

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