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Welcome to my new ‘Blog’ – and thanks Niells for taking me from the ‘Analogue’ age to the ‘Digital’ age of communication – Albeit dragged along by the ears! Raquel would be proud of you, she has been pushing for a long time!

I could start my Blog life by speeaking to the converted – The ‘Chennai’ gang, Christoff, David, Andreas, Joanna and Mark, but what they dont know about Sri Lankan kiting is not worth writing about, and there are many, many more who have travelled here numerous times to experience the consistancy and quality of the kiting, but I wont, I shall make my initial post a brief introduction to the newcomer to Sri Lanka!

May is traditionally the start of the ‘main’ season for kiting in Sri Lanka, with 18-22 knots of wind blowing 24/7 till the end of September. The SW monsoon winds are actually a trade wind, and have historically been used for hundreds of years by the Arab and European traders to ply their goods between the West and the Far East.

Over the last 5 years Sri Lanka has well and truly established itself on the world map of exceptional kitesurf destinations, with great flat water destinations – excellent kite safari options and good surf possibilities – an all rounders paradise.

The ‘kiting’ options are not an all Island phenomenon – the kite tourism industry is primarily located on the West coast of Sri Lanka – 2 hours north of the international airport – The closest venue to the airport -Kappaladi Village – is the birth place of the first dedicated kite camp and kite school – Kitekuda – Sri Lanka Kite School.

I obviously dont have to espouse the services offered by Kitekuda and Sri Lanka Kite School, they are all here on the website for you to see – Suffice to say we have opted for less volume of guests in terms of occupancy and a more peaceful, isolated atmosphere but fully serviced!

Our quality includes the best equipment in the world – we are the importers and distributors of North Kiteboarding Equipment and use this material exclusively in the school for teaching, hire and for sale – both 2nd hand and new equipment.

A brief post guys, to practice my new found skills – there will be regular posts and updates through out the year – Being the pioneers of the kiting industry in the region we welcome any inquiries you may have whether they be related to accommodation, lessons or simply advice.

Until next time. M.



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