2016 North Jaime - Review


The North Jaime series has been around for over 10 years, and for those who remember, back when small twin-tips were finally becoming the new standard in kiteboarding, the first Jaime’s were thé boards to own. Over the years though, the board has made a shift in it’s position in the NKB range. The Jaime used to be positioned between the more flexing free-ride X-ride, and much stiffer Team Series (TS). The TS had always been too stiff for most free-riders, especially in the chop. In 2012, the TS was reshaped with a quattro V bottom and carbon, making it much better in chop and became very popular amongst free riders too, many of them moving away from the Jaime, towards the TS. since then, the TS became stiffer and much more aggressive over the years, making it again much less user-friendly unless you’re on butter-flat conditions.
So for 2015, the new Jaime basically became a modern version of the 2012 Team Series. It’s stiffer, faster, and goes better upwind, has much more pop, and a bottom shape that helps you smooth out the landings. For 2016, NKB has gone even further in making the shape more freestyle oriented, while keeping it user-friendly and forgiving in choppy conditions, or when going really fast. Now this is all theory, let’s see how the board holds up on the water.

Comfort, riding, upwind and landing

When you’re on the water, you immediately feel what they mean with the Jaime being a fast board. It absorbs all small waves, and the flex in the far end of the tips makes it very forgiving. You won’t be likely to lose control at high speeds, making it perfect for loading up to do high, sent-off jumps and get your board-off’s going. Landing is also much smoother than on the older Jaime’s, having the channels break the water as you land. As for going upwind, there’s not much that’ll get you noticeably further upwind than this!

Jumping and POP

That said, the 2016 Jaime Pro has become much more of a freestyle machine, so you expect to get a lot more pop and grip on the edges. This is exactly where it delivers. Unhooking and loading-up for a pop, you can feel the tips gripping very long, allowing you to push all the slack you need in your lines. Whether you’re going for your first railey’s or s-bends, or pushing for some low handle-passes, the Jaime won’t disappoint. It’s insane how this board gives you enough flex to slide through the chop, but is stiff enough to have you pop real hard without losing it’s edge.

Bottom channels of the Jaime '16

Who’s this for?

Basically, the North Kiteboarding Jaime Pro 2016 is for anyone looking for a freestyle / freeride machine, that needs to perform well in more than just butter flat water. This board will give you enough comfort to ride out on sea, and enough pop to rip the flattest lagoon. It’s amazing how they’ve fit both these capabilities in a board that doesn’t feel like it has to give anything up for being so versatile. And if you’re coming off of any older Jaime, upgrading is a no-brainer. going from, say, a 2012 Jaime to the 2016, is like going from a Volkswagen Golf 3, to the new GTI. It feels very familiar, but simply does everything better.