The weather is dry all year round, with some scattered rains during the Monsoon season (from May to October), which freshen up the atmosphere rather than disturb you…

Wind conditions:

The wind is a South West tradewind that settle from May to October without a break. During this season, the wind, which is perfectly laminar, blows everyday between 15 to 30 knots. From December to March, the wind fluctuates between North East (predicted wind) and North West (local thermal wind which comes during the afternoon but is not predictable). During this period, the wind blows between 10 to 25 knots.

Waves :

A 500 m large wave unrolls in front of the camp from May to October thanks to the South West trade wind. The wind is “side on”.

Weather & Wind forecast :

Windfinder forecast
Windguru forecast

Wind is usually 2 to 3 knots above windguru and windfinder observations.
From May to October there is wind everyday.